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Since its Foundation in 2002 by R.B. Ellis, Tech Resq's mission is to provide high quality, safe and effective rescue training to first responders . Its our passion to share the knowledge we have gained with others in this profession. Tech Resq has trained hundreds of First Responders over the years and also trains Industrial partners as well. 

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Meet The Team


Billy Blackwell

Senior Instructor

Billy is a Full Time Police Officer that is responsible for operations on waterways of the Illinois River. Billy is a part of the Water Rescue team with the G.R.D.A. and has responded to several major hurricanes throughout his service.


Corey Cantrell

Senior Instructor

Corey is a Full Time Police Officer and has been doing Technical Rescues for over 10 years now, Corey has been the Rescue Team leader at Both the McAlester Fire Department's Technical Rescue Team and the Pittsburg County Water Rescue Task Force


James Nichols

Senior Instructor

James Is the EMS Chief at Okmulgee Co. EMS. James formerly served as the Emergency Management Director for the Muskogee Creek Nation. James led a team of water rescue professionals including swiftwater and dive rescues.


Jason Littlefield


Jason is a Full time Police Officer and Training Coordinator for the G.R.D.A. Jason responds with there Water Rescue Teams to incidents all over the country as well as assisting local agencies here in Oklahoma


Teresa Ellis

Owner/ CEO

The Lady behind it all, Teresa has been around since the beginning of Tech Resq. Since her and R.B. founded the company Teresa has handled everyhting behind the scenes including coordinating class locations, getting equipment to and from class locations, and much more!

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David Kennedy


David started his career in public safety in 2013, since then David has advanced in his career to be the Fire Chief at the Wilson Fire Department, David also serves at the Okmulgee Co. EMS and Emergency management. David also has made several deploymetns with the swiftwater task force from Okmulgee Couty


Robby Rivers


Robby is a Full Time Driver/ Operator with McAlester Fire Department. Robby also holds a Full Time Peace Officers Certification through CLEET. Robby works part time with the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office and has served on Pittsburg County's Water Rescue Task Force

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