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Our Story

Founded in 2002, by R.B. Ellis, TECH RESQ Public Safety Training was established with the goal of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field of public safety. Recognizing the increasing complexity of emergencies and the need for advanced training, our founder created a program that combines the latest technology with hands-on experience. Over the years, we have grown into a trusted partner for public safety agencies and professionals, helping them to save lives and make a difference.

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Meet The Team

Our team consists of highly experienced and certified trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to our programs. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction and support, ensuring that participants gain the skills and confidence needed to perform their duties effectively. We believe in a collaborative approach to training, fostering an environment where learning is interactive and engaging.


Corey Cantrell

Senior Instructor

Corey Cantrell is an experienced and dedicated public safety professional with a diverse background in law enforcement, firefighting, rescue operations, and emergency medical services. As a full-time police officer, Corey brings a wealth of practical knowledge and real-world experience to his role as an instructor. His comprehensive skill set is further enhanced by his previous experience as a full-time firefighter and his leadership role as a rescue team leader. Corey is also a certified EMT, ensuring he is well-versed in emergency medical care.

Professional Experience:
-Police Officer: Currently serving as a full-time police officer, Corey has extensive experience in law enforcement, including patrol operations, traffic incident management, and crisis intervention.
- Firefighter: Former full-time firefighter with hands-on experience in fire suppression, rescue operations, and emergency response.
- Rescue Team Leader: Leadership role in coordinating and executing complex rescue missions, demonstrating strong command and decision-making abilities.
- Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): Certified EMT with practical experience in providing pre-hospital emergency medical care.

- Fire and Rescue Operations
- Tactical Medicine and First Aid
- Law Enforcement Response and Safety
- Crisis Intervention and De-escalation Techniques

Corey’s diverse background and dedication to public safety make him an invaluable instructor, capable of delivering comprehensive and effective training programs for emergency responders and public safety personnel.


James Nichols

Senior Instructor

James Nichols is a seasoned expert in emergency management and medical services, currently serving as the EMS Director. With a solid background as a former Emergency Management Director, James brings a comprehensive understanding of emergency response coordination and disaster preparedness. His commitment to public safety is further demonstrated through his ongoing role as a volunteer firefighter, where he actively participates in fire suppression and rescue operations.

Professional Experience:
- **EMS Director: Currently overseeing the operations and administration of emergency medical services, ensuring high standards of care and effective response protocols.
- Emergency Management Director (Former): Led and coordinated emergency management efforts, including disaster planning, response, and recovery.
- Volunteer Firefighter: Active volunteer firefighter with hands-on experience in fire suppression, rescue, and community safety initiatives.

- Emergency Medical Services Administration
- Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management
- Fire Suppression and Rescue Operations
- Public Safety and Community Outreach
- Incident Command and Coordination

James’s extensive experience in both emergency management and medical services, combined with his volunteer firefighting efforts, make him a highly knowledgeable and dedicated instructor. He is committed to training and preparing emergency responders to effectively handle a wide range of emergency situations.


Robby Rivers


Robby Rivers is a highly skilled public safety professional with a diverse background encompassing emergency medical services, firefighting, law enforcement, and wildland fire supervision. As the owner of 918 Training Solutions, Robby is dedicated to providing comprehensive training solutions for emergency responders and public safety personnel.

Professional Experience:
- Intermediate EMT: Currently serving as a full-time Intermediate EMT, Robby possesses extensive experience in emergency medical care and patient management.
- Former Full-Time Firefighter: Robby has a solid foundation in firefighting operations, including fire suppression, rescue operations, and hazardous materials response.
- Deputy Sheriff: Previous experience as a Deputy Sheriff, focusing on law enforcement duties and community safety initiatives.
- Wildland Firefighter Supervisor: Experience in supervising and managing wildland firefighting crews, ensuring effective wildfire containment and mitigation efforts.
- Owner, 918 Training Solutions: As the owner of 918 Training Solutions, Robby leverages his expertise to offer specialized training programs tailored to the needs of emergency responders and public safety agencies.

- Emergency Medical Services
- Firefighting and Rescue Operations
- Law Enforcement and Community Safety
- Wildland Firefighting and Incident Command
- Training and Education Development

Robby Rivers's extensive background and commitment to public safety make him an invaluable instructor, capable of delivering high-quality training programs that enhance the skills and preparedness of emergency response personnel.

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David Kennedy


David Kennedy brings a wealth of experience and leadership in emergency medical services and firefighting as a full-time EMT supervisor and volunteer fire department chief.

Professional Experience:
- Full-Time EMT Supervisor: David currently serves as a supervisor in emergency medical services, overseeing daily operations and ensuring high standards of patient care.
- Volunteer Fire Department Chief: As the chief of a volunteer fire department, David leads firefighting efforts, emergency response, and community fire safety initiatives.

- Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Management
- Firefighting and Rescue Operations
- Leadership and Team Management
- Community Fire Safety and Education

David Kennedy's dual roles in EMS and firefighting reflect his dedication to public service and commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. His leadership and expertise make him an effective instructor capable of imparting valuable knowledge and skills to emergency responders and firefighting personnel.


Teresa Ellis

Owner/ CEO

Teresa Ellis is the owner and part founder of Tech Resq, a company she helped establish in 2002 alongside her late husband, R.B. Ellis. With a keen eye for organization and a passion for public safety education, Teresa plays a pivotal role in managing classes and coordinating schedules to ensure the smooth operation of the company. Teresa has been instrumental in the founding and growth of Tech Resq, a leading provider of public safety training.
Teresa Ellis's dedication to the mission of Tech Resq and her adept management skills have been key to the company's success. Her commitment to providing high-quality training for emergency responders honors the legacy of her late husband and continues to advance the field of public safety.

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