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Fire and EMS 

Fire Department Response to Active Shooter Events

In this course we discuss the role of the Fire Service while responding to Active threat situations


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Participants will gain and/or verify a broad range of competencies associated with emergency vehicle driving, including basic understanding of emergency vehicle operations and skills necessary for practical application.


Traffic Incident Management System (TIMS)

 The Traffic Incident Management (TIM) for Emergency Service Personnel program was developed by responders — for responders, with the objective that nationally; all organizations who respond to roadway incidents acquire a common set of core competencies that promote a shared understanding of the requirements for achieving the safety of responders and motorists, quick response, and effective communications at traffic incident scenes.


Defensive Tactics for EMS Personnel

This course gives EMS core Defensive Tactics and discusses ways to de-escalate, create space, and potentially avoid a physical confrontation.

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