Swiftwater 1

Our Swiftwater 1 Course provides rescuers with the fundamentals of surviving in moving water and is recommended for anyone who may be called upon to effect Water Rescues. Students gain knowledge in hydrology and river classification, size-up, scene management, and site control. 


Rope Rescue 1

Our Rope Rescue 1 course introduces students to the knowledge and skills required to operate at a rope rescue incident under the supervision of Rope Rescue Technicians. Students learn how to safely operate rope systems, make basic repels, self rescues, patient pick-offs and more. 


Rope Rescue 4

Our level 4 class takes students from the vertical environment and transitions into moving rescuers and patients horizontally using highlines. Students learn force vectors that apply to anchors, line tensioning techniques, and more.


Swiftwater 2

Our Swiftwater 2 course expands on those skills learned in the 1 class. The 2 course takes students beyond the emphasis of self rescue to concentrate on victim rescue. Students also employ Technician level Rope Rescue Skills in the water environment. Students learn additional "go rescues" as well as other advanced techniques for water rescue


Rope Rescue 2

Our level 2 course introduces students to more complex rope systems including, Raising and lowering systems using mechanical advantage, Twin Tension Rope Systems (TTRS), patient packaging, and more.


Rope Rescue: Low Angle Operations

Our Low Angle Operations Class introduces students to operating in a low angle environment. Students learn simple and multi-point anchor systems, Raising and Lowering systems, Mechanical Advantage, Patient packaging, and more


Swiftwater Boat Operations

Our Swiftwater Boat Operations introduces rescuers to operating boats in the swiftwater environment. Students will learn how to properly maintain their boats, performing boat based rescues and recoveries, and more.


Rope Rescue 3

Our level 3 course takes students from traditional "top down" rescues and focuses on what happens when victims are above grade. Students learn rope ascension techniques, Tower Rescues, Falls in fall restraint systems and more.