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Rope Rescue

If you are looking for Rope Rescue training, then look no further! below you will find the courses offered for Rope Rescue! All classes are accredited through The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.)

Patient Pickoff

Rope Rescue 1

Our Rope Rescue 1 course introduces students to the knowledge and skills required to operate during rope rescue incidents under the supervision of Rope Rescue Technicians. Students learn how to safely operate rope systems, make basic repels, self-rescues, patient pickoffs and more. 

Rope Rescue 2

Our level 2 course introduces students to more complex rope systems including Raising, and lowering systems using mechanical advantage, Twin Tension Rope Systems (TTRS), patient packaging, and more.

Stokes Basket Rescue
Tower Rescue

Rope Rescue 3

Our level 3 course looks into compound and complex mechanical advantage systems, passing knots on raises and lowers, and rope ascension techniques for when the victim is above.

Rope Rescue 4

Our level 4 class takes students from the vertical environment and transitions into moving rescuers and patients horizontally using highlines. Students learn force vectors that apply to anchors, line tensioning techniques, and more.

Highline Rescue
Low Angle Rescue

Rope Rescue Low Angle Operations

Our Rope Rescue Low Angle Operations course introduces students to the knowledge and skills required to conduct rope rescues in the Low Angle environment. Students will learn patient packaging, Mechanical advantage systems for patient raises and more.

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