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Law Enfocement Tactics


High Risk Traffic Stops

 This class focuses on how to properly conduct High Risk Traffic Stops, focusing on vehicle positioning, communication, and tactics.


Vehicle Extraction

This course covers the legal aspects of forcibly removing someone from their vehicles as well as providing tactics on how to remove subjects safely and effectively from vehicles.


AR-15 Nomenclature and General Maintanance

In this course students will learn how to thoroughly inspect their AR Style rifle while taking a deep dive into critical wear points and regular maintenance to keep your weapons running in top shape.


Injured Shooter Fundamentals

This course focuses on teaching students simple yet effective ways to operate an AR Style rifle after an injury occurs in a gun fight as well as addressing the pros and cons of transitioning to a handgun.


Patrol Response to the Non-criminal Barricade

This course teaches the patrol officers methods and tactics of dealing with non-criminal barricades. We also discuss when we are legally required to intervene and when we can walk away.

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